Winter’s consciousness

Snow’s pretty weight,
Can pull at consciousness.
As sylphs await,
The end of somnolence.

The end of somnolence,
And don’t mistake,
The hiemal opulence,
Boreal betrays.

Boreal betrays!
There’s bustling beneath.
While hearts’ wood play,
Delivering from deep.

Delivering from deep,
It is alleged.
Through slumbering mystique,
And shibboleth.

And shibboleth,
The nixies’ unheard words,
Bout waters wealth,
Those ravaging reserves.

Those ravaging reserves,
Go unrestrained.
The hard rime conserves,
The terms sustained.

The terms sustained,
In low activity.
Soil is chained,
Through day’s apricity.

Through days apricity,
The months will pass,
Winter’s solidity
Locked in at last.

Locked in at last,
Is Winter’s dominance.
Snow’s pretty craft,
Can pull at consciousness.