Nature’s Chimes

Nature’s wind chimes are superior!
It ruins the clinking sound of glass.
Heard on those days that the cold comes,
Or when the bitter comes to pass.
There’s a range to hear it composed,
You might sense it out on edge.
Moved by those depths that disclosed,
The thousand three hundred feet alleged.
And in all that obscure coldness,
That is driven by mistrusts,
Is a hymn of fragments singing,

“The shards of water and the gusts”

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Some Stories are Best Shared!

So this morning I woke up very early and decided to get a bit of a headstart. I had planned on going to work to address a few issues. I was to work just before 7:00 AM. Later in the morning I stopped in at the Mailroom. Before heading back to my office, I decided to check in with our Security department.

While at the security office I had a conversation with one of the Operational Supervisors. During the conversation, we discussed convocation and her experience of walking across the stage last year. She reflected on two of our Excutives and their excitement for her accomplishment.

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