The Magic of Sibley

When stared at behemoth most your life,
And trudged on the trails in your turn.
In summer you’d freeze if stood on the heights.
And in winter, just reflection might burn.

You can stalk its feet and walk to the head.
But I’ll recall its knees.
For Spring brought falls down that towering path,
As you scaled the invincible chimney.

Gold flags top timbers at end of season,
They’ll pass on the slumbering ground.
The holdouts, hangouts, ignoring reason,
Till the blast of the breeze throws them round.

And on top of this guard who lies quietly sleeping,
It’s all stunted and runted and short.
Clouds touch your lips and your kissed while breathing,
Taste the mistical air at its heart.

The bed it lays on, supporting the slumber,
Cold coma induced by its sway.
The waters they hold the inmost of wonders,
That darkness holds giant at bay.