The five effects of heroes

Blissfully we regard our Paladins,
Emotionally their work elevation.

Bolstering spirits through tales of tellings,
Releasing cerebral isolation,
A sacred salve for our wounds, fostering
Vibrant resilience and reserves of force,
Entertaining our dreams to wandering.

Forging collective morals, manners and mores,
In kinship, kindness and community.
Valiantly those Paladins shape values,
Erasing enduring disunity.

Made from missed and meaningful elements
In their quality, or found in their errors.
Nonsensical or maybe negligent,
Unlooked for, untested or unawares.
Their intense recoveries and transformations,
Empowered solely by what they’ve achieved,
Sparking our own discoveries and mutations,

Legends are made from what we’ve recieved.
‘Oh’ the Paladins bawl at us.
‘No’ they howl for us.
‘GO!’ they roar at us.
‘Encouragement, draw from us, as you need
Radiance and generativity’