Before my Destruction

Patiently the Devil stood on the threshold.
Restling I heard the Brute knock at nightfall.
I know better, of course I knew better.
Dragging my feet as I moved down the hall.
Earning the shock as I reached the doorway.

Generously amused the Demon seemed. 
Optimism hung in corners of its grin.
Eagerness to share l’appel du vide. 
That distance fallen already within. 
‘Hello’ it was my own voice that startled me.

Breathing hard the Fiend asked to be seated.
Exhaling fear, I attended to the guest.
For something had been set in motion.
Obstructive was the Familiar’s sense.
Requested I, ‘what reasons why, did you come by this way’
 ‘Eh? For you, I came too… to catch you astray’ said the Knave.

Deafness reigned loudly in that room that night.
Expectations laid out by eye contact.
So finally I spoke to the Charmer,
‘This battle will continue till you lose,
Retreat so that I can have victory and sleep.’
Unchallenged by this, the Angel whispered
‘Close your eyes then, and I will depart’.
That was the moment, the second, I blinked.
I knew better of course, I know better.
Oh relief I had won and it was gone.
Now celebrating, I felt a touch of pride.

And after that triumphant turn? I turned in.
Not waiting for my head to hit the pillow,
Dreaming deeply before my eyes even closed.

All through that night there was a peace.

Households of the street spoke of the spar,
Acquainted by the adjacent call of Evil.
Unbroken after that unknown and bizarre,
Grumbled and gabbled the people.
Hell, I had conquered a Horror,
They were cheerful that the Terror had past.
Yet an ego had been developed and courage was amassed.

Sustained by a new found elation,
Pushed open the door, the following eves.
I know better of course? but I was better!
Ready for the bites of the Beast.
If only I had been awake to my own demons,
The threat and the stake in this treason!

But I kept hosting that Guest at close of days,
Eager to prove my best.
Facing that force for my opus dei,
Ordering It away at contest.
Returning throughout the fall It called regularly.
‘Every visit you build more strength’ said the Encourager.

At this I stated ‘I still won’t wolf up your lies.’

‘Fool, you digest your own’ said the Snake.
Awkwardly I asked my adversary to leave.
Laughing I expelled ‘I know better!’
Leaving It chuckled ‘No? but you thought you knew better.’