A Spell for the Distiller

Let percolate, sift and refine…
A soul’s growth comes from what snares its mind.
Those hearts they ache or else they envy,
The happy few or Those miserable many.

(Those sunniest spirits are often messy.)

Then there are those that are in-betweeners,
The unconvinced Now, the burried believers.
But Now and then deceivers of unconscious,
Will weave and wave such dreams of promise.

(Now cast incantations, so they can call us.)

Come marry the darkness this time of year.
Now those days are darker, and weather severe.
Embrace the polar, glacial and freezing,
Come love those locks of fateful season.

(Come enroll in the bitters teasing.)

Now Who will wade out in the blindness,
And lead those lost, Who fell behind us?
Then spark the blaze come warm the digits,
While building flames to cheer our spirits.

(Who seizes point while others pivot!)

Those who Can lead now voice this moment,
Appeal to the mass, faithful and broken?
Capture the flagged the dogged and eroded,
Can they be convinced by passion woven?

(Can you?)

In those times of clutch, crunch and crisis,
Now who can Endure all that divides us?
It’s time for the choir to sing of courage,
To come and bring the wells of Endurance.

(Endure til thaw, renewal and assurance.)

And, can those who watch through their windows,
Come chase us now, endure the shadows.
A crowd will catch, to see whats meant,
By sound of piper, regalia And scent.

(And the spell has knitted hidden intent)

Endure the glares, now come shake the slander.
Assured are those who can raise the banner.
Excite! Excite! and…


Now let percolate, sift and refine…
Those of the brightest kinds,
Who can endure past the coolness of many,
And come excite those with spirits buried.

(Those Now Come, Who Can Endure And Excite!)